Square / Lead / Brian R. Norris
Bagatelle / Supporting / Good Hope Productions
Memoria / Supporting / Rabbit Bandini and Burn Later Productions
Special Moments by Oksana / Lead / UCLA Thesis Film
Notes from the New World / Supporting / VM Productions
Bread Alone / Supporting / Marion Knott Studios
Fracture / Supporting / Newline Pictures

Counterpart / Co-Star / Starz Network
The Americans / Guest Start / FX Network
Brooklyn Nine Nine / Guest Start / FOX Network
East Los High / Co-Star / Hulu Network
Marvels of S.H.I.E.L.D. / Co-Star / ABC Network
Cougar Town / Co-Star / TBS Network
I didn't know I was pregnant / Co-Star / Discovery Network
Fast Lane / Co-Star / FOX Television Network
Il Trittico/Suor Angelica / Bianca Rosa / Dir. W. Friedkin/LA Opera
Fafalo / Quank/Ensemble / Dir. S. Legawiec/Ziggurat Theatre
The Sound of Music / Frau Schmidt / Dir. A. Kalmus/Sierra Madre Playhouse  Les Miserables / Madam Magloire / LCC Theatre Company
The Female Terrorist Project / Zarema / Rude Guerrilla Theater Company
The Mechanical Rabbit / Lester / Sacred Fools Theater Company
Media Noir / Nurse / Talos Theater Ensemble
Enchanted Shop & Holiday Spectacular / Bob Baker Marionette Theater
Don Juan / Donna Anna / Interstudio Theatre
Training and Education
Acting Technique / Scene Study / Ivana Chubbuck Studio
Improvisation / Impro Theatre & LA Theatre Sports
On Camera Audition Technique / Buddy Powell & Audrey Linden
Improv 101 - Improv Basics / Johny Meeks, UCB Theatre
Commedia dell’Arte / John Achorn, Via Corpora 
Classical Theatre Improvisation /John Apicella, The Antaeus Academy
Voice Over for Actors / Kalmenson & Kalmenson
Acting/Scene Study / Perviz Sawoski
BA in Theater Arts / St. Petersburg Academy of Theater
Special Skills
Ballet, Ball Room, Swing, Lindy Hop, Tap, Puppeteering, Masks, Cycling, Yoga.
Russian (native), French (basic), German, Polish and Ukrainian (accent).